Yuga Labs Sewer Pass NFTs Soar 73%, Summon Power Sources Now!

• Yuga Labs has declared the Summoning event for Dookey Dash players, where Sewer Pass NFTs can be used to summon power sources.
• Following the news, the price of Sewer Pass NFTs soared 73%, with the most expensive one costing 2,221 ETH ($3.7 million).
• Yuga Labs claims that every summoned power source is unique and will be needed in future gaming events by Yuga Labs this year.

Yuga Labs Launches Summoning Event

Yuga Labs has recently declared a Summoning event for Dookey Dash players, where Sewer Pass Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are used to summon power sources. This announcement caused the price floor of Sewer Pass NFTs to climb to 1.7 ETH, representing an increase of 73%. Furthermore, the most expensive Sewer Pass on OpenSea costs 2,221 ETH ($3.7 million).

Sewer Passes Needed for Future Gaming Events

The summoned power sources are asserted to be unique both visually and in terms of ability. They will be necessary for upcoming gaming events by Yuga Labs this year – as part of The Trial of Jimmy The Monkey storyline – which will enable players to reach Evo 2 stage and beyond.

Trading Activity Boils Up on OpenSea

Crypto aficionados have been rushing to acquire the rest of the remaining Sewer Passes in order to participate in the summoning event following its delay from last week’s intended date. As such, OpenSea has been boiling with trading activity today as all Sewer Pass NFTs with a score higher than 0 are eligible for summoning a power source according to Yuga’s terms and conditions.

Larry ‚I Love Ponzi‘ Lawliet Acquires Ten Sewer Passes

One particular enthusiast who acquired ten passes is Larry ‘I Love Ponzi’ Lawliet, founder of Web3 startup FlipGod.xyz., who purchased them within minutes after their availability was announced on social media platforms like Twitter .


In conclusion, Yuga labs is introducing an exciting new event that could potentially bring about large changes in blockchain gaming by offering participants a chance to interact with unique assets powered by Ethereum-based technology. With so much hype surrounding this Summoning event it seems likely that many crypto enthusiasts will seek out rarer assets or even spend big money on more expensive ones in order to maximize their chances at winning something truly special!

Coinbase Refuses to Refund $96K in Lost Funds, Blames User

• Coinbase user lost $96,000 from an SMS prompt message initiated security breach.
• Coinbase denied responsibility for failing to flag several unauthorized transactions.
• Brian Armstrong plans to apply transaction monitoring in compliance with regulators.

Coinbase User Loses $96,000

A Coinbase user lost $96,000 due to account draining after a text message prompted them to change the password. The hacker drained the plaintiff’s Coinbase account 24 hours after they received the text message prompting them to change the password and Coinbase failed to blow the whistle on multiple unauthorized transactions during this period.

Lawsuit Filed Against Coinbase

Crypto investor Jared Ferguson filed a lawsuit against Coinbase in May 2022 for not noticing multiple suspicious transactions and allowing his life savings of $96,000 be stolen by a hacker. He argues that according to Federal and State Laws, Coinbase should bear responsibility for missing these unauthorized transactions.

Coinbase Refuses Responsibility

Coinbase sent an email saying that “the customer is solely responsible for the security of their email, passwords, 2FA codes and devices” but Ferguson disagrees as his account password was changed from a different IP address and device. Furthermore, in 2021 another user faced a similar situation where they lost $7,500 due to a SIM Swap hack yet Coinbase refused to reimburse them as well.

Impact of Unethical Practice

This unethical practices has caused outrage on Crypto Twitter with many people roasting Coinbase customer support but also had an impact on its stock price which has decreased by 2.7% in the last 24 hours (at press time).

Brian Armstrong Plans Transaction Monitoring

In addition, Brian Armstrong plans introducing Base Layer-2 blockchain combined with transaction monitoring in order to comply with regulators and prevent similar situations from occurring again.