BTC-ECHO Study: The German Blockchain Industries

Jobs in blockchain start-ups become more popular with each passing day. Because beyond the possibility of simply hoddling Bitcoin, you can still do a lot with blockchain technology. That’s why we asked the German Blockchain start-ups in cooperation with BlockState: Where are you located? How do you finance yourself? Where is the journey going? Our BTC-ECHO study on the German Blockchain landscape provides the answers. Today: the German Blockchain industries.

When it comes to the legal situation, Bitcoin traders and enthusiasts are still on insecure legs.

Is Bitcoin loophole legal or not?

How was that again with the Bitcoin loophole machines and the crypto currency bank cards? However one can and should answer these questions: The German blockchain start-up culture is unstoppable. We wanted to take a closer look at this in our BTC-ECHO study. That’s why we examined a total of 180 crypto start-ups from the German scene. We put them through their paces: How do you finance yourselves? Where do you have your headquarters? And how do you want to integrate the blockchain?

The German Blockchain Industries and the news spy

It may come as no surprise which industry came in first. A total of 39 German blockchain start-ups are active in the news spy crypto and finance sectors. Far behind in second place with the number 13 are blockchain start-ups from the news spy entertainment industry, here too the technology, which became known through Bitcoin, is on the rise. The issue of identity is also in the interest of German blockchain start-ups.

Here it is above all the advantages of the technology in terms of data security, transparency and counterfeit protection that make the blockchain so interesting. Storing identity data on the blockchain would not only save time. In addition to increased security and privacy, the technology also offers enormous savings potential in administration.

The Infrastructure and IOT areas rank fourth and fifth, with ten companies each. In the crypto universe, the latter is probably best known for the IOTA crypto currency.

You can read more about the financing and nationwide distribution of German crypto start-ups here.