• Decentraland is hosting an emote contest ahead of Metaverse Fashion Week 2023.
• Participants can win MANA rewards and have their emotes featured in the Community Fashion Show.
• Contest will be judged by Decentraland’s Art Director, 3D animator and Community Manager.

Decentraland Holds Emote Contest

Decentraland has announced it is holding an emote contest ahead of its second annual Metaverse Fashion Week. Players can participate in the event to win fun and exciting awards. The Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 is coming back to Decentraland with virtual runway shows, after parties, shopping, and panel talks.

Contest Rules

Starting February 16th, participants can submit up to three emotes until March 20th for a chance to win MANA rewards. Emotes must be approved and published in the DCL marketplace before the deadline and must be related to Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. Creators must share their email address with Decentraland so they can contact them if their submission wins. The first-place winning emote will be featured in the Community Fashion Show and receive 800 MANA while second to fifth-place winning emotes will receive 600 MANA each.

Judging Panel

Shibu, Art Director at Decentraland, Isa Souza Gomes, 3D animator at Decentraland, and PeanutButta, Community Manager at Decentraland make up the judging panel for this emote contest. The judges will evaluate the submissions based on fluidity, movement quality, creativity/originality as well as theme relevance when making selections for winners of this competition.

Consenting To Use Submissions

By submitting emotes for this contest participants consent to Decentalnd using their submissions for marketing purposes if they are selected as a winner or runner-up of the competition..

Rewards For Winners

Rewards for winners include being featured in the Community Fashion Show along with receiving MANA deposited into their wallet addresses provided during submission process when entering this competition..