The cryptosphere is buzzing again, and good deals are also flourishing. Today, the South Korean crypto-exchange ProBit wants to offer ONE tokens, from the Harmony project, at half price!

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with ProBit.

Sales in view at ProBit

The ProBit crypto- asset exchange platform has just announced a special offer for these users. This Wednesday, September 16 from 4 a.m. (Paris time), the crypto-exchange is offering a 50% reduction on Harmony ONE tokens .

This offer, which will last only 24 hours , require jeopardize (staking) of tokens PROB , native chips probit platform.

Depending on the amount of Bitcoin Evolution involved (see table below), participants may acquire a certain maximum amount in ONE tokens. For example, for the minimum of 500 PROB to staker, the user will be able to buy for 500 USDT (in other words 500 dollars) of ONE tokens.

A maximum of 50,000 USDT from ONE will be available, with a minimum purchase subscription of 10 USDT.

Allocations available (in USDT) to buy ONE tokens according to the PROBs involved.
The Harmony project in the spotlight by ProBit
After the success of similar offers on MATIC , ARK and AVA cryptos , it is therefore the ONE tokens which today benefits from this highlighting by the South Korean crypto-exchange.

Harmony is a blockchain that is fast and secure for DApps (decentralized applications). Composed of sharding (a kind of parallel and interconnected mini-blockchains), and with its EPoS ( Effective Proof-of-Stake ) consensus , Harmony allows blocks of transactions to be validated in a highly secure manner every 5 seconds .

As for this halving of the price of ONE tokens, all the details of the offer are available by following this link .

You can also visit ProBit’s Telegram channel for any questions regarding this exceptional promotion

There are only a few hours left to enjoy those -50% ONE tokens, so hurry if you want your piece of the pie from ProBit!

For its newcomers to the platform, ProBit offers its French-speaking users an amount of 10 USDT !

To take advantage of the offer which will last until October 2, 2020, you will need:

register on ProBit,
enter a French number (or that of one of the countries concerned by the offer)
staker at least 500 PROB before the end of the event.
100 participants will be rewarded, and the list of winners will be released within a week of the end of the event.